Q: If my senior was signed up for the "original" event, are they automatically registered for the "new" event?

A: We still have your information, however, you are required to re-register for the new event. The forms and waivers are different.

Q: Will the original payment be transferred to the new event? Do I have to pay additional costs?

A: The original payment will be transferred. You are not required to make any additional payment, however, the new event has a higher cost per attendee, and any additional payment would be extremely helpful as the event is paid for with admission fees and donations.

Q: What can my student bring to the event?

A: Allowable items are Student ID (required), towels, change of clothes, medically necessary items, keys, debit/credit card, cash, and face masks. 

No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons allowed. No open containers of any kind. No liquids will be allowed. Please leave hydros, water bottles, perfumes, etc in your car or at home. 

Q: What is the mask policy for the event?

A: Masks will be required inside the building. Masks will not be required outside.

Q: What food will provided at the event?

A: Sunsplash will serving all-you-can-eat pizza during a 1-hour window (TBD), water and soda throughout the night, as well as donuts, fruit, juice, and coffee at 2:30am. The SGN committee will provide additional individually-packaged snacks (or served by a masked & gloved volunteer) throughout the night. 

Q: What cleaning/sanitizing efforts will be made?

A: Sunsplash staff will wipe down theequipment in golf, laser tag, and raft area after each use. Volunteers will wipe down the arcade games approximately every 30 minutes. Hand sanitizer will be available in the food area and in several other areas of the venue. 

Q: Will the health of the participants be monitored?

A: We are asking families to self-screen at home and to please remain at home if he/she is ill and/or has any COVID-19 related symptoms as described here: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

As always, if we notice someone (or are informed of someone) not feeling well, we will have our first aid volunteer check them and call home to have a parent pick up, if necessary.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Appropriate swimwear is required. Swimwear should be conducive to waterslide/waterpark activities. Swimwear should be lined and not transparent at any time. Cut-off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, and shoes cannot be worn on the waterslides. Sandals or water shoes are recommended in the waterpark area. Clothing and shoes must be worn outside of the waterpark area. 

Q: Will the lockers in the waterpark area be available for this event?

A: Yes, the lockers will be available (locked, at additional cost) for the students to store their allowable items, such as towel, change of clothes, and medically necessary items. Otherwise, their items will be checked-in, supervised, and available for them to retrieve, as necessary, during the event. 

Q: Will all of the games be "free" to play in the arcade? 

All of the "video" games will have unlimited free play. Air hockey and ticket-dispensing games will be at additional cost. Due to the nature of these machines, they are not able to set them up with unlimited play.