Questions? Need assistance?

You can email us at, or contact committee members directly using the directory below.


Sharon Suggs, Lead/Co-Chair: call/text at (916) 759-4267 or email at

Jamie Sears, Co-Chair: call/text (916) 541-3659 or email at

Kathi Arguedas, Bookkeeper/Registrar: email at

Sheree Fischer, Marketing: call/text (916) 505-7605 or email at

Jamie Martinez, Sponsorship/Donation Coordinator: call/text (707) 317-3319 or email at - interested in helping Jamie with this position? email the committee!

Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN - interested in this position? email the committee!

Food/Snack Coordinator: OPEN - interested in this position? email the committee!

*Main positions are filled for 2022. However, they will need to be filled for 2023+.

If you are interested in shadowing one of us, and taking over next year, please email the committee at

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